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Startup Bootcamps
3 Days
If you find yourself wondering what all the hype about startups is all about, or how does Uber come to dominate the entire world (except China), this introductory bootcamp will cover all the foundational skills, tools and knowledge that you need. In this bootcamp, we'll not just take a peek behind the curtains of global behemoths like Uber and Airbnb, but also gain insights into how Carousell, Shopback, and Carro worked their magic.

In this introductory bootcamp, you will learn and apply all the foundational tools and skills necessary to thrive in a startup: Business, Financial Essentials, Biz Dev, Marketing etc.

This bootcamp is perfect for those who are curious about the startup culture and just want to understand more.
5 Days
The first 3 days are comparable with our 3-day Essentials, but with an additional 2 days of in-depth hands-on activities on Sales, Product and Marketing.

Get a chance to apply your newly acquired skills on mini-exercises designed to enhance and demonstrate your proficiency.

Highly recommended for those who already developed an interest in entrepreneurship and know what they want to learn.
2 weeks
An additional week of "Live Projects", hosted by our partner startups. "Live Projects" are actual projects/problems faced by our partner startups, who would appreciate a fresh perspective on their business problems. Together with our trainers, you will embark on a mini-startup employee journey, solving real-world problems in a real-world setting, under real time constraints.

This bootcamp is highly recommended for the startup enthusiast who want to work with one of our awesome partnered startups and who wants to develop the skill set in demand for the workforce, but does not have the time to commit to our Immersive bootcamp.

4 weeks + 24 weeks mentored internship = life-changing
Break into a startup via our flagship program: the Startup Tools Immersive. Welcome to a super-awesome 4-weeks immersive program (with "Live Projects"), followed by a 24-week internship at up-and-coming startups. Throughout the 28 weeks, you will also be buddied up with one of our awesome mentors, and receive life-changing career advice.

This is for those who are considering exploring a career in startups and entrepreneurship. You'll be working on live projects that allows for immediate application of your lessons. After the internship you have the option of joining the startup as a full-time hire.
What You'll Gain
Startup Ecosystem
Understand what makes a startup different from a small-medium business. Develop an understanding of the startup ecosystem in Asia, how startup fundraising works, and all the nitty gritty details of being a startup employee.
Understand the different business models using the Business Model Canvas while appreciating the competitive advantages that a startup needs to have in order to disrupt the incumbents. Also understand some of the important business financial metrics.
Full Stack
Finally understand what it means by Full Stack. Gain an awareness of the various technologies powering startups. We'll go through a essential toolkit of a modern startup and give you an overview of what it takes to build a startup, from the technological perspective. HTML, CSS, JS, API, AWS, JSON will no longer be foreign to you.
No startup can hope to survive without an awesome product. Learn the basics of UI/UX design, user research, prototyping and customer development.
Biz Dev
Cash is King. Somebody's gonna bring in the dough. Learn persuasion and influencing skills, sales pipeline management, CRM, and the art of selling.
Marketing and Growth
Your product won't get known by itself. People need to know about it for them to become your customers. Understand customer acquisition, A/B testing, digital marketing, and how to growth-hack a startup.
Invaluable Mentoring
Get mentored by an unparalleled group of top-notch industry heavyweights from Uber, Grab, Zalora, Lazada, Airbnb, Skyscanner, Carousell, Facebook, Google, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Spotify, Twitter . Learn from their experience and establish lifelong relationships.
Real Relevant Skills
Work in teams on live projects and solve problems currently faced by startups. Gain invaluable insights into an actual startup's work and life, and understand the ins and outs of living the startup life.
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