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See for yourself why Cialfo partners with Grdient to help you get internships and jobs at top-tier startups in Asia. Acquire Business Development, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Product Development, Operations and Management skills that top startups are looking for.

Take in depth courses on Lean Startup Methodologies, Growth Hacking and how to be a Rockstar startup employee.
We run skills-education programmes. We get you paid internships at the fastest growing startups in Asia. You want to work at companies like Carousell, Ninja Van and Shopback in Singapore or Gojek and Tokopedia in Indonesia? We can help.

Want to go further? Try Appier in Taiwan, Dailyhotel in Korea or our partners in 8 other countries around Asia.

Through a rigorous curriculum & unparalleled networking opportunities, this is a program that pays for itself.

Students from Cialfo enjoy up to S$500 off from program fees.

What Our Students Say
What Is Grdient?

A startup created by our co-founders - Stanford, Brown and Cambridge graduates who have worked in and previously founded successful startups. Programs combine our founders' personal experience with both failure and success with specialist expertise from the best startup professionals in the region to turbocharge your learning.
We have:
Immersive Bootcamps
This program combines our founders' personal experiences with startup success AND failure with the real-life experience of our Instructors who come from best startups in the region to prepare you for your Startup life. Our instructors actually practice what they teach, not like academics in schools.

In the Scrum format, we teach you skills like agility, growth hacking, data analytics, disruption sales, design thinking, lean business models etc. Then, we send you on Agile Internships at the best Startups across South East Asia so that you learn from the best in the business. Along the way, you are also placed in a structured mentoring program, where experienced mentors help you learn at light speed.
Together, we build the best version of "you".

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Summer School
A 12-week summer program designed for ambitious students who aspire to change the world through technology, {startup:asia} fully understands what it takes to work for the world's most exciting startups and endeavours to make your dream startup career an eventuality.

Via Grdient's unique summer program, you'll be equipped with skills that will make you immediately deployable. In addition, we will also connect you with a coveted internship at an up-and-rising Southeast Asian startup leaving its mark on the world.

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Independent Tracks
If you can only afford a few days to a week at a time to attend a class, then Independent Tracks are for you. We have 3 main Tracks:

(1) Lean Startup Track: Throughout this track, participants will get their hands dirty by talking to real-life customers, and find out what it's really like to start a company from scratch. Find out more and sign up at

(2) Growth Hacking Track: Participants will learn the art and science of Growth Hacking from practitioners in the startup ecosystem and master the concepts and methods of successful real-world growth hacking to rapidly increase customer base. Find out more and sign up at

(3) Startup Quotient Track: The ideal startup employee will need to possess both soft and hard skills, tacit operator knowledge as well as the right attitudes and mindset in order to thrive at a top startup: This track will teach you how. Find out more and sign up at
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