Close the Digital and Innovation Skills Gap
Boost the growth of your business. Change mindsets and cultivate skills. Build an agile talent pool that can rapidly innovate and respond to disruption
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How Our Clients Partner With Us
Business and Innovation Skills
Customised workshops led by thought leaders in the VC, Startup and Innovation communities.

Understand what is innovation, digital and industry trends and the impact of new technologies like AI, Blockchain and Robotics.

Learn skills like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile methodologies and how to use them to drive innovation and change and growth in your company.

Engage both your business and technical employees using the Hackathon as a platform. Spark creativity, change mindsets and create innovation champions within your company.

Entrepreneurship is not just for the tech workers in Silicon Valley, it is a mindset
that everyone can adopt, and a skillset that can be applied even within the largest and most complex organizations to great success.

Bring the spirit of Silicon Valley into your company and use their tools to accelerate the growth of your company by letting us organise your Hackathons.
Tech Skills
Digital transformation is accelerated by having the right technical talent.

Everyone is chasing the same limited talent pool of tech talent. Pivot your talent strategy and instead upskill and reskill your existing workforce. Arm your trusted employees with the right skills to take your company to the next stage.

We work with you to train your employees in programming, digital marketing, data science, design and product management skills.

How it works
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You will be assigned a dedicated Curriculum Specialist, who will consult with you to determine your needs. We will then design a customised program that fits your context.
Tap Our Global Community of Experts
Once you approve the program, we look through our network to find the right speaker / instructor to deliver your learning program. Every member of our community is an expert in their field with real-world, not just academic, experience of what works.
Take Delivery of Your Learning Program
Your dedicated success manager ensures the successful delivery of your learning program. We can deliver programs either online or offline (in-person) or in blended learning formats.
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