Are you ready to be the very best that no one ever was?
You've heard the terms everywhere. Big Data. Machine Learning. Data Science.
Data is being used in our everyday lives and have historically played a crucial role in the success of many Fortune 500 companies. Understanding the rudiments of data is increasingly becoming an essential skill for the modern worker.

Knowing the common data tools used by Startups and essential programming languages will definitely aid you in making better data-driven decisions and dramatically increase the value you bring to your organization.
What's in our Guide?
A sneak preview on how you can dramatically supercharge your work.
Introduction to Python
Learn and understand how to use Python in Data Analytics and Data Science
Data Visualization
Create compelling dashboards that would tell the story that you want
Data Manipulation
Cleaning and extracting data would no longer be a challenge
Can beginners join this program?
Definitely! Most people like yourself come from a wide variety of background and experiences. We've tailored this course towards anybody who is keen to improve themselves and no programming skills are required other than a heart of learning and self-improvement.
How much time do people dedicate in completing this program?
It typically varies based on the individual but our daily content is designed for small, bite-sized learning which you can do at your own pace and convenience. An allowance of 15 - 30 minutes a day would be sufficient to get through our daily email course. With that being said, students should also set aside time to do self-learning and reflect on the lessons taught.
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