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Email us at hello@grdient.com
What Is Grdient?
A paradigm-changing skills program which gives you the power to take control of your career trajectory and pursue enhanced working experiences. Grdient graduates will lead the future of the innovation economy and will continuously add value throughout their careers, be impervious to outsourcing, and possess a innovative mindset.
What Is Grdient Immersive?
Grdient Immersive is the only program that will transform the way you approach skills learning. You'll take intensive classes on in-demand skills that you will not find in your university, work in teams on live projects dealing with real-world data from our partner startups, get mentored by some of our world-class mentors and finally, take on real responsibilities and drive immediate impact during your internship at an up-and-rising tech startup.
What's inside the program?
The tuition fee includes 4 weeks of intensive lessons and live projects, internship placement services, mentorship throughout the internship as well as exclusive access to our online community and learning platform GrdientHQ.
What kind of participants are you looking for?
We are looking for the misfits, the rockstars, the rebels, the innovators, the creators. If you are hungry for learning and eager for success, extremely passionate about learning more about the tech startup world, and possess a good attitude, open mind and strong work ethic - Grdient wants you.
Do I need a visa for this?
Please check with your local authorities to see how long you are able to stay in Singapore without a visa or on a holiday visa. Singapore has a "Work Holiday Visa" program for eligible young graduates and students to work and holiday in Singapore (check out http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permits/work-holiday-programme/key-facts).

If you have any questions with visas, please talk to us at hello@grdient.com. We're happy to answer any concerns that you may have.
What's the advantage of Grdient Immersive over just getting an internship?
You can efficiently learn all the skills, technical and soft in a compressed time frame in an optimal environment, where experimenting is encouraged rather than seen as a financial burden.. Compared to internships where you'll learn through trial and error which many times you don't have the luxury to do.
What makes Grdient programs unique?
We have a foolproof ecosystem, recruiters of quality who only recruits students of quality.
We have VCs who can help you think like a founder, to help you understand the pressures and the strategies.
We have actual startup practitioners who can give you firsthand perspective on the daily grind.
Through all this.. we understand at every level, the kind of employees that are most valued, the characteristics you need to become indispensable and the skills needed to get that full-time offer at the end of your internship

What does a typical day look like
During the 4-week classes, we typically start each morning at 10am and end around 6pm. Each day is packed with lectures, hands-on practices, projects, fireside chats, career development sessions etc. There is no typical day.
Who are the instructors? Who designed the curriculum?
We invite existing startup practitioners to train you. They are all currently working in a startup. Many of our instructors will also be from our partner startups.
Our curriculum is designed hand-in-hand with the very startups looking to scale their teams. The practitioner-led instruction, hands-on curriculum, immersive environment will ensure that you will acquire both the soft and hard skills necessary to be extremely successful in your next career move. We have designed our curriculum with direct inputs from partner startups as well as venture capitalists on our board of advisors.

What kind of learning environment does Grdient offer?
We believe that students learn best in a hands-on, participative and engaging environment that encourages teamwork. On top of face-to-face classes with our world-class instructors, we also focus on making sure we work on real projects with real data. In addition, we have our own proprietary Community and Learning Platform: GrdientHQ where you can connect with like-minded peers as well as continue to learn outside of the classroom.
How do I get an internship
Near the end of the first phase of lessons, there will be a "match-making" day where we will get our partner startups to mingle with you. You will do your pitch, and they will do theirs. At the end of the day, both the startups as well as you will rank your preferences, and our "magic" algorithm will do the matching to maximise satisfaction!

P.S. "Magic" in this case means a spreadsheet.
Will I get to choose the startup I'm working at?
The nuanced reality is that there's no objective measure for whether a startup is good for you - it really depends on "fit". Our list of partner startups are the who's-who of Singapore startups - so you are assured of an internship in a good and successful startup. The program before the internship is also meant to help you better understand your profile and the kind of startups more suitable for you
Why is there an application fee?
We have limited places, and the application fee is in place to make sure that applicants are committed to the program. In the event that you are not accepted into the program, we will refund the application fee (we'll eat the paypal transaction fees)
Are there scholarships/financial aid available?
We grant scholarships and very limited financial aid based on an applicant's demonstrated need, which is calculated based on their family income and a variety of other factors.