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Why hackathons?
Focus on the important stuff
Time constraints imposed during a hackathon teach employees how to focus on key product features
Digital Mindset
Inculcate a digital mindset in employees through experiential learning to get them excited about innovation.
Fix Internal Problems
Hackathons are excellent opportunities to help get employees to fix internal problems in the company which could lead to some great ideas!
How do we hack?
Picking the best people
We tap on our vast network of industry leaders and professionals to provide with a comprehensive panel of trainers, judges and speakers, for the perfect hackathon.
Meeting your needs
We work to ensure that every moment of the hackathon experience is hand-made to suit your company's needs, industry and objectives.
Produce great ideas
Provide a platform for your employees to consolidate their learning and evaluate their progress in an experiential way
Task participants to solve real problems. Many popular apps in the past have stemmed from hackathons
Spirit of innovation
Spark innovation and creative problem-solving while strengthening your work community
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