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Created by startup practitioners and taught by instructors with real-life experience from the best startups in the region, this program consists of a total of 3 weeks of on-premise instruction by startup practitioners and best-in-class curriculum.
How it works
1.5 weeks of Live Projects
Receive invaluable career coaching and interview training from top startup practitioners before the course starts.
1-3 sessions of Interview Training/Career Guidance
Put practice into learning. Do real projects with real startups on business, growth, marketing, operations, strategy and revenue problems.
10-12 Weeks of Internships + Mentoring
Get support in placement on Internships with the best Startups across South East Asia to get real world experience.
Learn skills like lean business models, disruption sales, MVPs, agility, growth hacking, data analytics, design thinking, continuous iteration, hustling etc.
1.5 weeks of Skills Training
Programme Overview
Basic Coding
Learn basic coding and understand the various technologies empowering startups. Get the essential toolkit to build tech products. HTML, CSS, JS, API, AWS, JSON will no longer be foreign to you.
Learn how the best ecommerce, logistics, fintech etc startups optimise work processes and create efficient, scalable teams.
Learn basic principles of UI/UX design, user research, prototyping and customer development.
Business Development
Understand the different Asian business models using the Business Model Canvas and key business financial metrics. Iterate and build a business from scratch and how to pitch it to investors.
Learn persuasion and influencing skills, sales pipeline management, CRM, and the art of selling for startups.
Marketing & Growth
Understand customer acquisition, A/B testing, digital marketing, and how to growth-hack a startup.
If you are still in school, what better way to boost your portfolio and stand out from the crowd than by getting real-world work experience? Work at a fast-growing startup, explore a foreign economy and drive real-world change via a single comprehensive programme.
For The Ambitious Student
Who it's for
The inspiration, skills, knowledge and connections you will acquire from {startup:asia} will greatly optimize your chances for success if you're intending to start a tech company someday.
For The Aspiring Entrepreneur
Business Models, Driving Revenue, Rapid Prototyping, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, Sales. Persistence, Cultural Fit, Creativity, Passion, Hustle. Interpersonal Skills, Building Relationships, Self-Awareness, Teamwork, Empathy.
Hard And Soft Skills
What You'll Gain
In addition to its high educational value and the huge head start you will get in career development, {startup:asia} also provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in Asia's exotic culture and rich heritage, broadening your horizons and widening your global perceptions.
A Memorable and Fun-filled Summer
{startup:asia} will work with you to get an internship at an up-and-coming tech startup in Southeast Asia where you will be empowered to drive real-world impact by creating meaningful work. As a result, your stint will add tremendous value to your portfolio and make you a highly attractive candidate in today's competitive job market. Not only that, you will establish invaluable connections with professionals within Asia's startup ecosystem that can come in handy during your future endeavors. Note: Internship placement is not guaranteed even though we enjoy very high placement rates.
Work Experience and Connections
Data Science Instructor
Madhu Iyer
Meet Our Faculty
All our faculty are leaders in their fields with real-world experience from top startups
Chief Data Officer at Gojek (Indonesian Unicorn), 12+ years of experience in Silicon Valley in top tech companies.
Software Engineering Instructor
Ridy Lie
A decade of Engineering experience at Amazon and Microsoft in the US, Chief Technology Officer at Bilna.
Business, Revenue and Growth Instructor
Alvin Lee
Former Head of China for Coursera, Leading a Next-Generation VR Platform in China.
Growth & Marketing Instructor
Jaime Ng
Head of Marketing at Redmart, VP of Marketing at TradeGecko, Director of Marketing at MySpace.
Product Management Instructor
Siu Chun Lai
Carnegie Mellon. Product at Google, Redmart, Ninjavan, Carro.
Revenue and Growth Instructor
Jason Chang
Venture Partner at Incuvest, Ex Regional Head of Sales at Groupon. Mentor at Several Accelerators for Sales.
Revenue & Growth Instructor
William Gilchrist
Director of Sales at TradeGecko, Top Salesperson at Google, Keynote Speaker at Tech Conferences.
Software Engineering Instructor
Yingjie Soon
Stanford, Top Government Scholar, co-founder TinkerTanker, one of the top coding development and education companies in Singapore.
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