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Our programs are created by Stanford, Brown and Cambridge grads and helps you learn new skills and get internships / jobs in startups.
Disruption is everywhere and accelerating.

Why should you care? Because this 4th Industrial Revolution is making what you learnt in a traditional educational institution

Jobs are disappearing from traditional companies while disurptive startups create jobs
Disruption is Here to Stay
"Old models are not working, new models are coming thick and fast, and we're having to adjust and to keep up, because of technology and globalisation. And the disruption will happen over and over again, relentlessly…...when you disrupt, you also create new jobs."

-Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore Prime Minister
Growing Opportunities In Startups
"A modest degree of slack has emerged in the labour market......growing mismatches [of skills] among the resident workforce. Start-ups now contribute close to 10% of jobs in Singapore, up from less than 8% in the mid-2000. Start-up employment growth is faster in high-tech services than anywhere else."
- Monetary Authority of Singapore
A program created by our co-founders - startup practitioners who are Stanford, Brown and Cambridge graduates and received the top scholarships in Singapore.

This program takes our founders' personal experiences and combines these with lessons taught by a community of the best startup professionals in the region.

Together, we build the best "you" which allows you stand out from your peers.
Lean Startup Track
Here at Grdient, we emphasize real-world, hands-on applied learning. In this class, there will be no business plan, and the final outcome will not be a powerpoint deck for presentation to a panel of judges. Throughout this course, participants will get their hands dirty by talking to real-life customers, and experience first-hand the uncertainty and messiness of how a startup actually works. You will create falsifiable hypotheses, document key assumptions, and test them out in the field.
Growth Hacking Track
This track aims to equip participants with specialised knowledge and skills in the field of growth hacking. Participants will learn the art and science of Growth Hacking from practitioners in the startup ecosystem and master the concepts and methods of successful real-world growth hacking to rapidly increase customer base. Participants will learn industry-leading growth frameworks, gain insights from other practising growth specialists and build meaningful relationships. Each startup may have its own unique challenges, but everyone wants growth.
Startup Quotient Track
This track will equip participants with practical knowledge on how to survive in the startup. The reality is that startups are unnatural entities: they are messy, chaotic and trying to make magic happen in a VUCA environment. To navigate the messiness, the ideal startup employee will need to possess both soft and hard skills, tacit operator knowledge as well as the right attitudes and mindset. In addition, the startups that Grdient works with span from the <10 employees to the >80 employees startups - resulting in very different working environments and styles amongst all the internships: we'll prepare you for all scenarios.
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You'll Learn From The Best Practices of..
......and many more startups in singapore and the region.
All our faculty are leaders in their fields with real-world experience from top startups
William Gilchrist
Sales Instructor: Director of Sales at TradeGecko, Top Salesperson at Google
Siu Chun Lai
Product Management Instructor: Carnegie Mellon, Google, Redmart, Ninjavan, Carro

Shiqing Poh
Analytics Instructor: Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology, Analytics at Lalamove, EY, BMW
Misrab Faizullah-Khan
Data Science Instructor: Stanford, VP of Data Science at Gojek (the hottest startup in Indonesia!), Tripadvisor, Visa Labs, Nugit, GIC
Yingjie Soon
Software Engineering Instructor: Stanford, Top Government Scholar, co-founder TinkerTanker, one of the top coding development and education companies in Singapore
CheeTung Leong
HR & Talent Instructor: Cambridge, Columbia, Top Government Scholar, Managing Consultant at Gallup, Startup Co-founder, Stealth Hacker
Download the Detailed Syllabus of Our Program
By clicking "Get Syllabus", you agree to Grdient's privacy policy.