Learn To Build Web Apps.
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1 Day Web App Development Course
In the past, you had only two choices:
(1) Learn to code yourself or
(2) Hire a developer/development house.

The problem with learning to code is that it takes a minimum of 3 months to learn enough to build anything substantial. Furthermore, the exorbitant program fees might be daunting for most.

Alternatively, you could hire someone or get a consultancy to build your app for between SGD30-50k. Keep in mind that iPhone/Android apps would cost even more!
The Problem
Have you ever wanted to build your own web application? Perhaps the next Carousell?
Or do you have an idea that will help your department/company, but you don't have the technical ability to build it?
Our 1-day course equips you with the skills to build your dream webapp, from design, data structures, to deploying it live on the internet: all without writing a single line of code.

Nothing beats the feeling of empowerment - that you have the ability to build anything.
The Solution
This is a one day course where we teach you how to build web applications, without writing a single line of code.

Our courses are carefully designed by a group with experience in business, user experience and education (NIE-trained former teachers).
How it works
In App development
Get Coached
UI/UX and Lean Startup
Real, deployable web applications in a day
"I attended another school's course which was conducted full-time over 12 weeks and I spent more than 10k in course fees. Recently, I attended Grdient's course as I was curious to learn another method of creating apps that would be easier and faster than what I previously learnt.

Honestly, you don't learn super advanced stuff in this course - it just isn't possible in a day. BUT, you learn just what you need, to build your app in a day. I wish I had found out about this course earlier, I could have saved time and money!"
Waiting for university to start
Wei Ting
"I don't want to (and also don't have time!) to learn how to be a hardcore web developer but I do want to learn how to create basic apps for my company to use.

As a business person in my company, we have a lot of ideas on how to improve work processes and I will be using the skills from the workshop to create an app that hopefully will help our sales team to be more efficient! "
Sales executive, logistics company
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