NS's many things to many people.
Here's 7 things (big and small) that you should do after ORD.
7 Things To Do After ORD
NS's many things to many people. To many males, this is the ONLY thing you can spend 1 hour talking about, even 5 years after ORD. But whatever your experience/vocation/rank was, one thing's for sure, the excitement when FINALLY, the day is here: the day you collect your Pink IC. No more IPPT. No more SOC. No more sense of dread on Sunday/Monday when booking in. However, for a lot of us, those 2 years were so intense or mind-numbing, that we've forgotten the most important mantra in life: Always plan ahead. So what are you going to do after ORD? Don't worry. Here at Grdient, we've got your back. Here's 7 things (big and small) that you should do after ORD.
(1) Shout "ORD LOH". At the top of your lungs.

No. Seriously. Go ahead. DO IT. At the top of your lungs outside S1 branch. Do it when having your first shower as a civilian. At the top of your lungs. Do it when you see people hailing a cab on sunday night. Do it when you take a walk at Bishan Park and the cluster of trees reminds you of NS. Do a Tweet. Do a snapchat. Just do it. It's a good feeling.
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Wash and keep your FBO
(2) Wash your FBO properly, dry it properly and cover it and seal it with a trash bag.

Managed to get it out of your system by shouting "ORD LOH"? Now, here's the REAL-WORLD part. Settle your barang-barang properly. Because unless you're PES F, there's reservist. And Mob Manning. And for a lot of people, it happens a lot sooner than you think possible. And you don't want to be scrambling to pack your filthy "haven't washed since last outfield 2 years ago" FBO. Trust me. You don't.
Reflect. Plan. Repeat.
(3) Do some reflection and planning

You've spent 2 years protecting our country. Good job. *Pat on the back*. Now you've gotta spend some time thinking for yourself. Read a couple of classics like "7 habits of highly effective people" or Tony Robbin's "The Power Within". If you didn't "find yourself" after feeding the mosquitoes in Lim Chu Kang, now's a good time. Do some reflection of what you've learnt about yourself in the past 2 years over shots at midnight with your fellow ORDers at your ORD party. If you need some extra help, we at Grdient have got you covered. Head over to The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Path In life where we go through a couple of completely life-changing concepts and exercises to help you find your path in life.
Study What Next?
(4) Make sure your next educational step is covered

For those who wants to keep furthering themselves, be it going to university or to polytechnic, make sure that all your applications have been submitted and everything's in order. Because you don't want to wait for another year to get your life moving again (having been disrupted by NS for 2 years). Talk to your female friends if you have to, to make sure that you didn't miss any crucial deadlines. If you're headed overseas, there may be other additional steps required. Most overseas universities will have a very helpful international student guide for you online.
Earn Some Moolah
(5) Find A Job And Earn Some Money

You may be thinking, i've only spent $5 a day for the past 2 years, I'll be okay. Sorry friend. This is the REAL-WORLD, where you actually have to pay money for food instead of walking into the cookhouse, scanning your 11B and picking up a tray. Chicken rice is at least $3. Fruits are $1 a piece and your Milo Peng is $1.50. You'll be surprised at how much money you're spending. Taking the train daily will set you back by $3-4 minimum. And whether you're a man, a spec or an officer, the reality is that the SAF will not be crediting any money anymore into your bank account. So it's time to get a job. Feel free to Google online. Work as a cleaner. Train as a Starbucks barista. Or, if you're in a strategic mood, hope over to our very useful career guide at "The Beginner's Guide To Choosing A Job"
Learn Some Real Skillz
(6) Learn Some Real Skills

Your awesome ability to strip a SAR21 in under 30 seconds blind-folded may have gotten you a RSM coin or Best Soldier award back in SAF, but unfortunately unless you're gonna become a street performer, that's not gonna help you. There are plenty of options right now for you to pick up some real, marketable and useful skills. Google online for the skills that you've always wanted to pick up. There's a high chance that there's an online course for it, or a Community Centre course that you can attend for cheap. If you need some additional guidance on what's marketable and what's not, hope over to our continuously updated "The State of Skills".
Do Something That Excites You.
(7) Do Something That Excites You. For Once.

Carousell. Grab. Uber. Shopback. Some of the very prominent tech startups that are in Singapore. How would you like to be able to work for one of them? Here at Grdient, we have an exciting program called Grdient Immersive in which we train you to become a rockstar at the next top tech startup. Check us out at www.grdient.com or download the detailed syllabus.