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The World is being Disrupted,
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The rate of disruption is increasing. Startups like Uber and Grab are disrupting the transportation industry. Carousell is transforming buying and selling. Even large companies are trying to stay ahead of the curve - a traditional bank like DBS is innovating by launching a mobile-only bank.

Are your skills relevant in tomorrow's economy? We run Bootcamps that help you become disruption-ready. Whether you want to work in a startup, get a job in a large company or are an aspiring entrepreneur, we provide the skills, networks and mentoring to help you get what you want
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Real Skills
Growth Hacking, Data Analytics, Growth Marketing, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, MVP, Agile, Product Management, Programming, "Done is Better than Good", A/B Testing, "Hustling", Community Building.

Just some of the skills you need to succeed in a startup.
We will help you learn them.
Network your way to success. Join a community of like-minded people who want to prep for the new economy. Learn from your peers. We hold regular events where you get to interact with and hear experienced mentors and community members speak.

No time to attend? No worries as you can still network via our online platform: GrdientHQ.
We offer access to a panel of mentors from top startups like Carousell, Grab, Facebook, Google, Alibaba, Zalora, Lazada, Shopback, Honestbee, Tripadvisor, TradeGecko etc.

Build intimate relationships with your mentors. Ask them questions and get the insider scoop on what goes on behind closed doors. Stand on the shoulders of giants and accelerate your learning.
Access a curated list of jobs and internships at top Startups. Our career advisors provide you personalised advice about these companies and help you choose the right Startup.

Go for interviews fully prepared with insights. Ace your interviews and get your dream job!
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......and many more Startups in Singapore and the region being onboarded