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Our Immersive program created by Stanford, Brown and Cambridge grads helps you learn new skills and get internships / jobs in startups.
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What IS the Immersive Program?
A program created by our co-founders - startup practitioners who are Stanford, Brown and Cambridge graduates and received the top scholarships in Singapore.

This program takes our founders' personal experiences and combines these with lessons taught by a community of the best startup professionals in the region to turbocharge your learning.

We teach you skills like agility, growth hacking, data analytics, disruption sales, design thinking, lean business models etc and find you internships and jobs at startups. Also, we match you with mentors to guide you along.

Together, we build the best "you" which allows you stand out from your peers.
Key Facts
Our 28-week full-time course is split into 2 weeks of on-premise instruction followed by 2 weeks of "Live Agile Projects". We then place students on 24 weeks of guided, agile internships at the top startups in the region.

Our Internships are unique. We embed structured learning goals and mentoring into internships, unlike internships elsewhere where you are left to learn on your own.

GUARANTEED internships with the hottest startups
28 weeks

of world-class training, continuous mentorship and internships

Average number of students per cohort. Deliberately kept low to ensure high quality learning.

Positive feedback from hiring managers about our interns.
Keep reading to see the topics we cover and our instructors!

If you are done reading and want to jump straight to receiving more details from us, leave your contact details below. Alternatively, if can't spare 28 weeks but still want to learn about Startups, we have other bootcamps that could interest you. Feel free to leave us your details. Either way we'd love to hear from you!
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What You'll Learn
Startup Ecosystem
Understand what makes a startup different from a small-medium business. Develop an understanding of the startup ecosystem in Asia, how startup fundraising works, and all the nitty gritty details of being a startup employee.
Understand the different business models using the Business Model Canvas while appreciating the competitive advantages that a startup needs to have in order to disrupt the incumbents. Also understand some of the important business financial metrics.
Full Stack
Finally understand what it means by Full Stack. Gain an awareness of the various technologies powering startups. We'll go through a essential toolkit of a modern startup and give you an overview of what it takes to build a startup, from the technological perspective. HTML, CSS, JS, API, AWS, JSON will no longer be foreign to you.
No startup can hope to survive without an awesome product. Learn the basics of UI/UX design, user research, prototyping and customer development.
Biz Dev
Cash is King. Somebody's gonna bring in the dough. Learn persuasion and influencing skills, sales pipeline management, CRM, and the art of selling.
Marketing and Growth
Your product won't get known by itself. People need to know about it for them to become your customers. Understand customer acquisition, A/B testing, digital marketing, and how to growth-hack a startup.
Invaluable Mentoring
Get mentored by an unparalleled group of top-notch industry heavyweights from Uber, Grab, Zalora, Lazada, Airbnb, Skyscanner, Carousell, Facebook, Google, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Spotify, Twitter . Learn from their experience and establish lifelong relationships.
Real Relevant Skills
Work in teams on live projects and solve problems currently faced by startups. Gain invaluable insights into an actual startup's work and life, and understand the ins and outs of living the startup life.
You'll Be Working With..
......and many more startups in singapore and the region.
All our faculty are leaders in their fields with real-world experience from top startups
William Gilchrist
Sales Instructor: Director of Sales at TradeGecko, Top Salesperson at Google
Siu Chun Lai
Product Management Instructor: Carnegie Mellon, Google, Redmart, Ninjavan, Carro

Shiqing Poh
Analytics Instructor: Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology, Analytics at Lalamove, EY, BMW
Misrab Faizullah-Khan
Data Science Instructor: Stanford, VP of Data Science at Gojek (the hottest startup in Indonesia!), Tripadvisor, Visa Labs, Nugit, GIC
Yingjie Soon
Software Engineering Instructor: Stanford, Top Government Scholar, co-founder TinkerTanker, one of the top coding development and education companies in Singapore
CheeTung Leong
HR & Talent Instructor: Cambridge, Columbia, Top Government Scholar, Managing Consultant at Gallup, Startup Co-founder, Stealth Hacker
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